7 Programming Skills All Website Developers Should Know

Website design and development is the 21st century’s factory job: good pay and benefits, decent working hours, and the prospect of advancement. We’ll show you which essential skills you can start learning now to get a jump start into this exciting field.  computer science computer science computer science  computer science computer science computer science

The internet is foundational to the way we work and play today — whether it’s using digital interfaces, spending our days coding, or shopping at 3am in bed. Some knowledge of web development is becoming an essential skill for the modern knowledge worker. Those who grasp how to create in this industry are the ones who’ll be the most competitive and secure in the 21st century.  computer science computer science computer science

We’ll list the fundamentals of this field, and leave you with a great footing to go forward.

1. HyperText Markup Language, Version 5 (HTML5)

A web developer uses HTML to author web pages. It is both a language and set of technologies that make the modern web work and is able to support rich interactive and multimedia content. The new version, HTML5, provides for many more options and capabilities than before. computer science computer science computer science

An diagram indicating the major parts of an HTML element

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